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Engineers who want to create emotion and quality

For a physical product to have the right features and create the right feeling, you need excellent mechanical engineers and project managers. Clean constructions in plastic, sheet metal, composites, or other materials create a sense of quality, and features that mark products out in today's highly competitive market, for example the vehicle industry in which we are heavily involved.


Our engineers are involved in all kinds of development projects, from new products and innovations to streamlining, quality improvement, and cost optimization of existing products. We have particular expertise in mechanical construction and development of plastic vehicle interior and exterior components and systems.

Our consultants work in the following engineering fields:

  • Vehicle engineering

  • Advanced engineering

  • Project management

  • Method development in CAD and PLM

  • CAD training

We work with our customers' tools and processes in their own environments, with our consultants usually based on the customer's site. We often use an agile working method with Scrum. Thanks to their long-standing experience in a variety of industries and countries, our consultants can introduce customers to new methods and ideas, and the role of consultant likewise brings many opportunities for learning.

Our engineers meet each month to share their experience and enjoy each others' company. The atmosphere in the team is relaxed and open. 


Management between IT and business


Application development and Design

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