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2022 - A Successful Year!

What a year it has been for Explipro! We have been growing both in numbers and capacity. 2021 was the recovery year after the pandemic, but 2022 has been an outstanding year, beyond our expectations. Besides a growing business, we have also had a lot of fun activities and created some great memories together. It is hard to summarize a year, but below are the top seven achievements and events from 2022.


1. We hired 27 New Employees

We are 58 employees going into 2023, which means that we almost doubled the team in one single year. The recruitment team has done a great job of finding talented people with the right competence to bring to Sweden.

2. New team at the Office

The Business and Employee Support Team (BEST) was created. Majken and Therese started at the beginning of the year, building a team with Anna who started at the end of 2021.

Together, they have improved the structure and enabled further growth to continue in a healthy way. They have also become a support for all consultants in questions related to onboarding, finances, and HR.

3. YouTube Channel

After acquiring some good lights and camera equipment (and a drone!) we launched a YouTube channel. So far, the focus has been mostly on storytelling from employees who have relocated to Sweden. Make sure to stay tuned for what 2023 will bring!

4. Ework Football Cup

For the first time, we participated in a football cup, organized by Ework. Although we did not get very far in the cup it was a lot of fun to participate and train for it.

5. Moved to a New Office

405 square meters, top floor in the Lindholmen Science Park, with a very nice view. Before the move, we had our office on two different floors and it was much smaller. With the new place, we have greater opportunities to host events and meet up with different groups and people.

6. Celebrated 10 Years

We had a fantastic time celebrating the ten-year milestone, combined with a housewarming party for the new office.

7. Increased the Number of Clients

With the increasing number of employees, new clients also came along the path. It has been very exciting to expand our network and find new well-working collaborations. In addition to the internal 10 years celebration, we also invited our partners and clients for a celebration lunch at the office.


Besides the points mentioned, we have also had a lot of opportunities for competence development. Our Explipro Academies this year have given us more insights into the Agile way of working, Cloud, Security, and DevOps. Furthermore, we have been working on improving the recruitment process and other internal processes. We got a lot of helpful feedback from employees during the kick-off in September.

Thank you all for this year!

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