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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

During the first Explipro meeting this year, the employees showed a big interest and

eagerness to make a food festival together. Managers, Jonas and Daniel, were happy to

respond to the suggestion and decided to host the February Explipro Academy with this

theme. Any volunteers where welcomed to bring food, which resulted in meals from 6

different countries.

The evening started with a dinner including food from Iran, Lebanon, Brazil, Spain and Sweden. It was impressive to taste such good food from different places of the world and to hear a short explanation from the chefs.

Thereafter Professor Bengt Lennartsson from Chalmers held a presentation about Artificial intelligence. Lennartsson is Head of the Division of Systems and Control at the Department of Electrical Engineering and clearly had a lot of knowledge in this area. He explained what he learned by studying the subjects of planning, learning and optimization and how those areas can be related to Artificial intelligence.

Following the presentation, amazing desserts was served from Croatia, Lebanon, Brazil and Sweden. To finish up the evening the opportunity was open to play board games or just mingle. Everyone agreed that the evening was beyond expectations and already discussed a Food Festival 2.0 so that the nationalities that were not represented will have the opportunity.

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