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Virtual reality, hamburgers and fries was the main ingredients in the latest Explipro Academy. A presentation at Visual arena was held by Petra Juhlin, including interesting insights on how virtual reality can be used in the society and as a tool for companies. It was clear that there are many plans for the future and that there are still a lot to come in this area. Although it has been known for some time, the full potential has not yet been reached.

Making a virtual reality of the now changing Gothenburg was one of the ongoing projects that was talked about. The difficulty in reaching out to the end-costumers with VR through a platform that is accessible was also discussed. Explipro team was able to see a part of the new project and experience the VR world. Through VR glasses the Karla tower, that is being built in this very moment, could be entered. Located very close to Explipros office made it possible to see a nice and interesting view of the office and it’s area. In addition to that the team had the opportunity to walk on the streets of Gothenburg in the 1700th century, seeing the different architecture explained by the cultural differences. With two new colleagues from Brazil and Serbia culture was also a hot topic during the dinner at Radison Hotel and contributed to several funny stories from the group.

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