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Explipro Academy AI and Machine Learning

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning was the topic of Explipro Academy in March, since AI is the big trend that everyone is talking about. Elias Bernerskog, founder of PowerLeap, was invited to talk from his experience as an AI strategist. Seven of the ten biggest companies in the world 2019 are TECH companies. One question though is how other types of companies can use AI to optimize their business. Collecting data and hiring the right type of competence seems to be the two of the most important success factors when implementing AI. According to Elias Bernerskog, companies that don’t do these things will risk to no longer be in the market in a couple of years from now. In addition to this, Elias shared an example from the retail business where AI can be used to significantly improve the forecast accuracy. Furthermore, we listened to Explipro’s own data scientists Fernando and Maykon. Fernando made a presentation about their work at Volvo trucks, which has been very well received. Fernando and Maykon have developed tools using machine learning for truck configurations. The model has shown very good accuracy and also great potential in additional ways to use it. To finish up, Maykon held a very good crash course in machine learning, explaining how it works in practice and why it is so attractive. He did it in a way that made all of us grasp what machine learning really is!

To summarize shortly, a very interesting and inspiring Explipro Academy!

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