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Explipro is preparing for further growth

As Explipro is growing in numbers, it is also growing in capacity. The new BEST team (BEST - Business & Employee Support Team) is being established to enable sustainable growth and structure to the company. Anna, Therese and Majken will be working closely together with areas including finance, administration, HR and marketing. Current projects for the BEST team is to improve the onboarding process, as well as policies and guides for the employees.

"It is a fantastic opportunity with the resources that we have in the BEST team. We have already done a lot. It feels very inspiring and safe that we can continue to develop and secure our process for our employees and the company" says Therese.

Majken and Anna are also very positive about the development of the company and being a part of the new team.

"It feels great to work in a proactive way together. This step is important in order for Explipro to keep being a strong and growing company."

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