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Finally, it was time for our annual kick off! This year we were two days at Hjortvikens Conference facility. It is beautifully located by a lake, and we had a stunning view from our conference room. The first day we had the opportunity to take part of a presentation from our CEO Jonas on how the company is doing and where we are heading, and we listened to three amazing consultant presentations by Vincent, Manish and Göran on what they are doing in their assignments.

Daniel, one of our consultant managers, also presented the result from our R survey regarding the culture at Explipro.

The discussion during the presentation was great and it was almost hard for Daniel to move on to a new question as so many wanted to express their experiences. We tried a new way of expression the culture by drawing the culture in groups. A bit hard, but with really nice results!


Later that day it was time to be tested in a way few of us had experienced before, at Rävgårdens Conference center. See the photo on the top. We drove cars that did not function as we are used to and now we know how it is like to have a backseat driver for real, to have two drivers in the same car and to drive blindfolded. Of course, this led to a whole lot of laughs and great opportunity to get to know each other more.

In the evening we had a fantastic dinner and some billiards and other games.


The second day we went out for a quiz walk, ending up in a workshop on different

subjects, as how being great consultants, the consultant career, how to make Explipro more known etc. With the same energy, creativity and insightful input as the first day, we could wrap up the second day before lunch with new strong team presentations.

We had two variously days at Hjortviken and we think we were all tired and happy when we went home!

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