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Each year around this time we hold a kick-off to start the new consultancy year. It is a good moment to meet each other, but also to share our thoughts about the coming year, like what kind of assignments do we look after, what industries are interesting for us and where do we want to be as a company at the end of this consultancy year.

This year's kick-off was partly in the office and partly at Lisebergs amusement park in the city. We started with an update about ongoing business at Explipro and about the results of the R-license survey, after which we had a nice fika and some time to talk with each other. Next up was the kick-off of the Consultant Academy, where we got a heads up of the Explipro Academy that is coming later this year. What is it like to be a consultant? What do you need to know as a consultant? What makes Explipro consultants the best consultants?

Enough to talk about, at another exiting meeting. To end a great kick-off we had a relaxing time and some great food at Lisebergs amusement park.

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