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Presenting the new manager at Explipro

Magnus Johansson is the co-founder and first employee at Explipro. After working 13 years as a consultant in PLM, automotive and aerospace he will now continue his career as a manager at Explipro. Magnus will have his main focus on business in Engineering and work together with Jonas and Daniel. With his people-oriented mindset Magnus will strengthen the culture at Explipro, helping both individuals and business to grow.

Why did you start working in the consultant business?

When I finished my education I realized that being a consultant is a great way to boost my CV and kick start the career. But, I found out it was a great path to stay on. Consulting makes it easy to gain experience in very different types of jobs and projects. Instead of trying to search for opportunities yourself, other people are working to help you which opens up doors that would have been impossible on your own. You can take advantage of other people’s contacts and connections.

Sometimes the balance between going deeper into a specific area or going broad has been difficult, but having the possibility to choose has been great. Throughout the years I have really enjoyed meeting a lot of different people in a great variation of exciting assignments.

What motivated you to start working as a manager?

Actually I had the possibility to become a manager earlier, but I enjoyed being a consultant so much that I did not feel ready to stop. But eventually I felt that it was the right time to step up and focus even more on Explipro. As a consultant I learnt a great deal and I was enabled to build my own contacts and connections that will be very helpful in this new role. Now I really want to work more with building Explipro stronger. With 13 years of experience I know which personalities and professional knowledge that is useful in the business.

How would you describe yourself?

Me and my wife have two small kids so family takes a lot of time and focus. Music and sports is essential for me personally but also for my family and I enjoy being in the forest and spending time at the sea. As a person I would describe myself as a happy, social and positive guy.

What makes you proud to be a part of Explipro?

Seeing that the company has turned out to be a group of very nice and competent people makes me very proud, especially since I have been a part of the company from the start. Although the company consists of very different people from all over the world we relate very easily to each other. Everyone is so friendly, considerate and helpful.

How would you like to see Explipro develop in the future?

Looking back at the journey that has been so far, I can see that we are now in a better position than ever before. In addition to the management team at the office I can see a great development regarding the consultants, customers and industries that we operate in.

I am convinced that we will see the company grow more as we continue to focus on these industries and also expand to new ones. Furthermore I am looking forward to find individuals with knowledge and contacts that complement ours and make us able to find more opportunities. It will be great to see what we can accomplish during the coming years!

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