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Engineers who want to create emotion and quality

Every day, we focus closely on the user experience, new technologies and advanced information technology.

Our consultants work with applications and software engineering in technology-related fields. Projects vary from brand-new technology such as self-driving and connected cars, 5G, AI/machine learning, internal system and process improvements, to web applications, which are becoming customer touch-points for companies.


We work in the following areas:

  • Product development applications

  • Telecommunication

  • Data Science & Machine Learning

  • Retail applications

  • PLM applications

  • UX Design


We cover both back end and front end development with e.g. C/C++, C#, .NET, Java, VB, PHP, PYTHON, R, SQL and HTML5/CSS3/Javascript and their associated frame works and processes. We are very much involved with the latest cloud technologies and work with both AWS and Azure.


Several of our consultants have engineering backgrounds, while others are more pure software developers. One of the advantages of this is that our consultants continually gain new experience from different ways of working. Our consultants meet regularly to strengthen the team and share their experience, and they are often involved in recruiting new members of staff. We see the opportunity for consultants to develop the company as hugely positive.


The benefits of a user-orientated focus

We believe it takes more than sound programming knowledge to deliver successful customer projects. It is largely about finding and validating information, building personal networks, and working strategically with a long-term vision.

We care about what our users think, feel, and experience when they use apps, embedded systems, data models, software, and other tools. That's why we always work with the end user in mind.


By using a design-orientated methodology, we can work closely with end users, employing user experience design to create products and services that are easy and inspiring to use.


Design and development


Management between IT and business

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