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Our story

There are three things that make us who we are today: our values, our journey and our culture. We highly value the open culture and warm atmosphere that we have at Explipro. Our employees have relocated from all corners of the world, bringing a wealth of new perspectives with each recruitment. These perspectives not only benefit our clients' projects but also provide social perspectives on the world around us, accompanied by a multitude of fascinating stories.


Our values

We take pride in our culture, centered around helpfulness and simplicity. In our daily work, this means being serviceminded, having clear communication and striving to find simple solutions to complex, technical problems. We believe that these values are not only appreciated by our customers but also create a positive work environment.


2018 Explipro acquired the R-License, which means that it is a Recommended company related to ethics. R-license is about being transparent and honest in decision making, information and in interaction with others. We always aim to improve as a company and make sure that ethics is not something that is being compromised.

Our journey

The momentum builds as talented Product developers are attracted, and the second frame agreement is secured. Explipro relocates to a new office in Lindholmen, Gothenburg, known as the thriving hub of tech companies.


The focus shifts towards IT services, expanding the customer base beyond the automotive sector. Explipro acquires the R-license, which serves as a clear indication, both internally and externally, of the company's strong ethical values.


Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Explipro experiences a rapid recovery by dedicating its focus to IT. The company successfully delivers its first complete Scrum team and Michael assumes the position of the fourth manager and the year concludes with 30 employees.


Jonas and Magnus start Explipro. Jonas assumes the role of CEO, while Magnus becomes one of the five consultants specializing in the automotive sector. The initial focus revolves around PLM and Product Development, resulting in the acquisition of the first frame agreement.


The completion of the first international recruitments marks a significant milestone for Explipro. Daniel joins as the second consultant manager, collaborating with Jonas in recruitment and sales. The team expands to include 15 consultants specializing in PLM, Product Development, and IT.


Magnus transitions from being a consultant to taking on the role of the third manager. Working alongside Jonas and Daniel, they further develop the recruitment and sales process, leading to the growth of the team to 25 employees.

With a strategic growth plan in place, Explipro expands its consultant and customer base, prompting a move to a larger office. Anna, Majken, and Therese join as a dedicated team, overseeing finance, marketing, HR, and onboarding processes to provide optimal support for business operations and employees. The team now exceeds 55 talented individuals.


Stories from our employees

Life as a Brazilian in Gothenburg
Life as a Brazilian in Gothenburg

Life as a Brazilian in Gothenburg

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Consultant Career Q&A

Consultant Career Q&A

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Life as a Consultant - with Consultant Manager Daniel Lindgren

Life as a Consultant - with Consultant Manager Daniel Lindgren

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How to have a successful career in Sweden - With Rajesh Sharma

How to have a successful career in Sweden - With Rajesh Sharma

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