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We like good cooperation and the dynamics that is created when we help each other! Simplicity and helpfulness characterize our way of working. Together with our customers we create value using a long-term perspective, while we actively build trust and relationships that help Explipro grow and develop to become the partner and employer that both customers and employees can rely on.

How we help


When Technology meets IT and Business Development new values are created

The boundaries between engineering, IT and business development are starting to blur. Changing times call for new ways of thinking, and our consultants focus on solving problems, however they might be labelled.

We offer senior expertise in everything from engineering, to IT and business development. We develop products, processes, systems and operations. With this variation our business areas enrich each other and broaden our expertise further.


Our ambition is to contribute to more successful projects, where all parties are satisfied. Read more about what services we offer within each business area below.

Who we are


Simplify, explain, change, improve

Our name, Explipro, comes from the Latin "explicare", which means to explain or develop. It is something that lies at the heart of our company. Simplifying the complex is what drives us, enabling us to help our customers develop and deliver results.


We are a small Swedish consultancy company. However, we are aiming to grow, and see our growth as a stable, dedicated structure to which we are adding, little by little, in the form of knowledgeable employees, an evolving corporate culture and challenging projects. This development will be of benefit both to us and our customers. Explipro was founded in 2012, and now has plus fifty co-workers.

Without key technological expertise, we would not be in this industry. However, we believe our strongest factor for success is our culture. 

Our natural approach is characterized by helpfulness and simplicity. We like to tackle challenges, and to help each other and our customers solve all kinds of problems. It's this approach that forms our foundation and underpins all our relationships, both inside and outside the company.

We are licensed as a recommended company through our R license, which helps us to stand even more based on good ethics and high quality.

Our clients are acting within automotive, telecom, retail and defense.


Design and development


Management between IT and business


Application dev, Data science and Design

Work with us


Join an international, helpful and creative team

Would you like a career as a consultant in engineering, IT or business development? Do you want to experience the industry's challenges and potential, but outside established mainstream structures? Choose a growing company where, from day one, you'll be given great responsibility as well as the opportunity to be involved and influential. A company like Explipro.

Some of our clients:
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Check out the latest about life at Explipro
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We'd love to hear from you


CEO / Consultant Manager

Jonas Emanuelsson is a business administrator and entrepreneur. After several leading positions in the engineering industry, he started Explipro in 2012 with the goal to create the effective consulting company. He is a true problem solver who sets strategies, handles administration and helps new consultants with the same secure hand.

Feel free to get in touch by calling +46 (0)76 001 73 10 or by email

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Consultant Manager

Daniel Lindgren is an engineer and management consultant. He has solid experience as an engineer and consultant manager and valuable insight in numerous industries. In addition to analytical and business management skills, he has a strong interest in people and leadership. At Explipro, he is involved in corporate culture, recruitment and strategic sales.

Feel free to get in touch by calling +46 (0)70 915 11 19 or by email



Consultant Manager

Magnus Johansson is an engineer and co-founder of Explipro and started out as the first employee of the company. Magnus has a broad knowledge with 13 years of experience as an consultant in PLM, automotive and aerospace. Besides process and best practice, people is also something that motivates Magnus.

Feel free to get in touch by calling +46 (0)76 001 73 11 or by email


Michael Gottfridsson

Consultant Manager

Michael Gottfridsson has been working more than 8 years with recruitment in SW engineering and Information Technology area. Michael has a spirit of initiative, proactivity and autonomy. His passion is to think in alternative and creative ways to find the best talents.

Feel free to get in touch by calling +46 (0)76 006 76 81 or by email

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