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Explipro: Simplifying Complexity, Enabling Progress. Derived from the Latin word "explicare" which means to explain or develop, our name embodies our core mission. With a decade of experience, we cherish our diverse team of specialized consultants who have helped numerous clients forward. Together, we unravel complexity, deliver exceptional solutions, and drive toward success.

System Developmen
Product Development
Embedded Engineering
IT Management
System Development

At Explipro, we specialize in business-oriented system development with modern IT infrastructure. Our team consists of software engineers who are experts in building applications via efficient CI/CD pipelines using state-of-the-art tools. This expertise enables us to offer our clientele with fast and efficient deployments. Moreover, we leverage cloud services and serverless architecture to deliver intelligent and cost-effective cloud solutions, empowering our clients.

Embracing the core principles of DevOps, we foster a culture of collaboration with a focus on continuous integration and delivery. Our seasoned professionals frequently assume senior or lead developer roles, leveraging their extensive experience to deliver top-tier solutions.


The Explipro assignment boosted my career, introducing me to fresh tech and product domains. Their guidance facilitated a seamless transition into the new work setting.

Shihan Silva, 

Software Developer

"Working at Explipro has immensely helped me to grow in my technical career and mature as an individual person. Great camaraderie between work colleagues"

Piyumi Attygalla,

Java Developer

As a consultant at Explipro,

 I am amazed by the opportunity to grow in my career and develop myself while working on challenging and exciting projects."

William Meller,

Portfolio Manager

"Working in such a professional and international environment not only caused me to develop my skills but also have brought a great deal of work-life balance to me."

Meysam Faghfouri,

Software Engineer

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